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-7.3.1-bwin broadwell-sysinfo- (deb package) it's telling me /lib/udev/firmware/t4c-016.fw failed to load saludos como estan oh it's still not solved no puedo usar debian por que no se usarlo a los usuarios New Issue: I have a gtx680 on which glxgears is supposed to be opengl 1.4 but it doesn't work on 16.04.1 I've tried uninstalling and re-installing Gargravarr: I think the 1st-half of your dpkg log tells us what we need to work from I've also tried setting the env variable to be GL_VERSION_1_4 and had no difference h4yman: that's odd, usually it runs on the integrated GPU noimnotninevolt: sounds like a broken /lib/udev/firmware/ file. Does the file not exist? the issue is that Intel Open Source drivers have problems with us using the T520 only one of the two devices is getting detected no, it exists it's also installed by the T3037 If I use glxgears from the terminal and it works fine, why does it not show up in the app list? plus, i've never run into a problem loading it before, and i know the laptop's been running since 2017 i'm not sure how to proceed. noimnotninevolt: are there any clues in dmesg/dmesg.0? not that i can see. dmesg has no new messages




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DECTalk Access32 V4.6 (speech Engine) Download Pc nicquiv
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