Unemployment During COVID-19....How to manage??

Who would have imagined 2020 would bring such unprecedented times? Millions have lost jobs, businesses, and even their sense of purpose. Are you one of those people?

A great way to manage your time during this crisis is to create a spiritually inspired vision board! Instead of spending this time in fear or worry, spend it in prayer and be intentional. Get creative. Habakkuk 2:2 says to write the vision and make it plain on tablets-- though it may seem slow, it will surely come.

Here are a few quick & easy steps to creating one:

  1. Think about a major goal/goals you want to accomplish and allow this to be your focal point of the board

  2. Make a tangible board or a digital one-- this does not matter as long as it is VISIBLE & kept in a place where you won't forget about it. You can do this on a budget and buy poster boards & crafty materials from Michael's or the Dollar Tree-- or use a digital host like Canva.com.

  3. Add pictures, quotes, scriptures, positive affirmations! Make it fancy and attractive

  4. Be inspired. Make it happen. Trust that God will see it through.

My very own spiritually inspired vision board!


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