Physician Heal Thyself

There's an ancient proverb in the bible (Luke 4:23) that sums up to make sure your cup is full before filling the cups of others. In other words, it is okay to take care of yourselves without being considered selfish-- self-care is not selfish! Healthcare professionals often reach their goals by resilience, hard work, and having "thick skin", so asking for help can sometimes be very difficult. Do not ignore the red flags when your body is speaking to you. BURNOUT & STRESS ARE VERY REAL.

During this pandemic from COVID-19, how are you doing? No, how are you REALLY doing? The spread of this virus has been unlike any other and only God knows when it will come to an end. Emotions are high due to job losses, economic uncertainty, and isolation. Do not allow the social distance to eliminate a social life all together. Your friends and loved ones are still a phone call (or video call) away.

There is a movement that is spreading from Canada to New York, where mental health professionals are offering free services to first responders during this global pandemic.

Below you can find a few resources for psychological health:

Let's beat this stigma-- mental health is vital to your overall health!

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