Pandemic?! Don't Panic...

A few suggestions for emotions that may arise with this pandemic:

  • Anxiety-- While the world is in a frenzy, the Bible reminds us to be anxious for nothing.

  • Depression-- As social interaction is reducing & people are encouraged to stay inside, low moods can occur. Don't forget to check on family and friends and keep each other lifted up!

  • Anger-- When you go to the stores and find there is no toilet tissue in sight...don't lose your cool. Stay calm and think on positive things. Count your blessings and do not focus on the negative.

  • Helpless-- For those who may be compelled to have total control over every situation at all times, the changes that arise from this coronavirus may cause feelings of helplessness. Always remember that Jesus Is Our Help!

Peace & blessings from Team IDentity

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