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Updated: Aug 17, 2019

After reading this post, I hope you are able to apply some of these tips for daily living. As women, our nature has typically been to nurture. We often cater to the needs of our husbands, children, friends, bosses, but leave our needs unmet. How about we switch things up a bit-- take time out of each week to focus on you! It is important to make room for "me time", because it helps to improve overall mind and body which makes it possible to enjoy the good things in life, and have strength to endure the challenges life brings. Let's look at some ways to pamper yourself pretty:

  • Do something you love: My guilty pleasure is music! I love all things music from marching bands, to singing, and performing art forms. Music has been used for therapy, and proven to bring healing to the body.

  • Laughter: Anyone who knows me knows I love to laugh! While it may not take away the problems of life, it helps to take the edge off and better cope with stress

  • Get dolled up: A new hairdo is always a nice ego booster! Taking time to do hair and nails leave you feeling more confident and compliments your inner beauty.

  • Eating healthy: Making conscious decisions to eat healthy helps to build your temple instead of tear it down. It adds days to your life and helps to prevent many acquired illnesses

  • Exercise: Just 30mins of exercise a day has been proven to reduce a number of things including blood pressure, weight, and stress. It also helps to improve your mood.

  • Prayer: Spending time with God reading the Bible and praying is vital for the soul. ENCOURAGE YOURSELF DAILY! You can find great devotionals on the bible app:

Live every day on purpose! Don't simply exist, but enjoy life. Practice self-care and pamper yourself pretty!

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