My Fav Stress Reliever

Everyone gets stressed out-- it's the body's natural response to any demand for change. It can be good for some as they use it to motivate them, but can also lead to many health issues. So it's important to manage it appropriately before it becomes overbearing. I have fallen in love with essential oils and my favorite is "Purification"!

Essential oils have been used for centuries and are proven to promote relaxation or boost cognitive performance. They can be used in various forms-- I prefer aromatherapy so I place a

few drops into a diffuser after a busy day at work! As most providers can relate-- you hit the ground running from the time you enter the office until the last patient is seen, so it is necessary to find time to unwind. Other oils that have been found to have relaxing benefits are lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and lemon balm.

There are so many ways to wind down after a busy day. Have you found what works best for you??

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