Ladies!! It's time to #MeasureUP

The comparison trap has been around for years and years, and it catches you in the craftiest ways! Have you ever found yourself sizing up your colleague to see who has the most knowledge in the field? Or scrolling down your newsfeed and wondering "she is always on I?" What about when your friend told you they just bought a house...did you start searching for a realtor??

It's easy to fall into negative thinking trying to "measure up" to the next. When God created you He didn't say "It was good BUT...." No, He created you in His image and EVERYTHING was good.

Let's do a quick quiz to see how you "measure up"!

Who do you think is happier?

Tony has actually filed for bankruptcy isn't everything!

Can you guess the college drop-out?

Did you say Oprah?? That's it!

Can you guess which one is the doctor?

They both are!

How'd you do? Did the comparisons measure up to your perceptions/standards? Let's set a standard today to be the best at being one can beat you at being you. Be yourself because everyone else is taken! God created you unique with gifts and talents that were meant to prosper you-- trying to take someone else's will not work for you. Let's choose to measure up to the beautiful daughters our father created us to be!


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