"Pretty women wonder where my secret lies..."

To be called insecure is the ultimate diss to a woman. It undermines their confidence and strips their ego. People can have insecurities in many different areas of their lives-- more commonly those led by desirability, physical appearance, and perfectionism. So you wanna be real??

Sssshhh...I'll tell you a few of the ones I once struggled with:

When I was younger I would sometimes be called "skinny minney" and it would often be passive shade. You know, when larger women would try to compliment you, but with a shady undertone! LOL! So I carried this with me and while I had my share of guys who accepted me for me, I also experienced a major rejection. I was dating a guy for a while that I invested my time and emotions in and he turned out to be a pathological liar who had a "cougar" on the side. This experience caused bad dreams, and intense emotional pain that managed to linger on in later relationships. It caused broken trust that was hard for others to gain. I needed to be healed.

The only way to overcome is to become aware. God said to be anxious for nothing, and believe it or not an insecurity is a form of fear/anxiety.

So pretty woman, where does your secret lie? The answer can be found in Christ. We were created in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made! Fall in love with your quirks and flaws-- it's what makes you unique. And when you learn to love yourself, then you're ready to be loved!

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