Full-time mom + full-time job= Jesus take the wheel!

Life as a mother is a blessing but also a lot of work! After the many years of schooling, you dive into your career but starting a family is usually not far behind. For me, I am a mother of two under two and you truly have to designate some time to unwind and exercise self care. I tend to be a little overprotective in this day and age where evil runs so rampant, but the bottom line is getting help will do you good! Here are a few tips that can lighten your load as a working mom:

It is vital to your health that you put first things first and leave the less important things for another day. Get a planner to help keep the work and household activities organized. Also, don't be afraid to start saying "No", and being okay with it-- you will stretch yourself too thin otherwise!

I am preaching to myself because I never like to ask for help-- but it's okay to get help every once in a while from those you feel comfortable with. Whether it's a family member, a close friend, or someone you have entrusted to be a sitter-- take time out to plan an evening out (no kids allowed) every now and then!

If it fits into the budget, hire a cleaning service to come in and alleviate some of the stress of cleaning-- it will be an endless cycle!

and lastly...... LEAVE TIME IN EACH DAY TO

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