Do you want to be made whole??

Hey lovelies! This was a powerful statement that God made in John 5:6 as he spoke to the lame man who was laying beside the pool, Bethesda for many years. God said this just before healing him! So the same should apply for us today-- if we really WANT wellness in our minds, bodies, souls-- our father can certainly do it for us!

Are you struggling with your identity? Do you wrestle with mood swings, depression, anxiety, or simply feel unwell? That's not the life God intended for us-- He wants us to live this life abundantly! What actions will you take to accomplish that?

We are continuing the series "Meditate with me"!! If you have not seen part 1, check it out here.

Let's start our day like the champions we are! Join me as I meditate...

Dear Lord, we thank you for this day. You have given us one body, one life and we want to build it well. We ask that every body part, every organ system, every cell in our bodies are made whole today. We claim wellness and longevity in Jesus' name! Amen


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